What is Tap Retail?

 Tap Retail is a new platform where you can purchase online from local stores and have your order delivered to you on the same-day, in a two hour timeslot of your choosing. Alternatively, you can collect your order from the store in question at times defined by them. We currently deliver to customers who are located within a 5km radius of the store in question. We are very excited to pilot our platform with Robbie's Greengrocer & Food Store in Goatstown, South Dublin which has been a staple of the area for the last number of years. For the first time, Robbie's customers will be able to view his store's inventory in its entirety, pay online & have their orders delivered to them on the same day. Ultimately, our ambition is to expand platform in the future so that consumers can purchase from any local store within a 5km radius of their location and have their order delivered to them within several hours.

Our goal is empower communities to shop local and empower businesses to grow through our digital marketplace, enabling them to compete with the large e-commerce companies who have taken substantial sales away from these communities. Instead of relying on centralized warehouses for distribution like many large e-commerce companies, local retailers become warehouses, leveraging their location & proximity to the consumer, to provide their customers with an unrivalled experience. Tap Retail was created to level the playing field between Irish SMEs and large e-commerce giants who have cannibalised the online space in recent years. We feel that combining local stores’ products with a comprehensive end-to-end technology platform where consumers can effortlessly browse & make purchases will enable retailers to compete in the changing digital landscape of today. 

Why should I use Tap Retail?

Searching is easy for products

Discover new products and shop for all your food and grocery needs from the comfort of your home or office.

Shop online smartly

Food shopping online is now easy as every product on your shopping list, is now available online.

Get everything you need

No more getting stuck in traffic jams, paying for parking, standing in long queues and carrying heavy bags.