1) Input your Location

To begin using Tap Retail, simply enter your location and define your search radius. The max distance you can currently search is 5km from your location. You can search for specific products and discover local retailers that stock these products. Alternatively, you can see a list of stores delivering to your location and offering self-pick-up services. 

2) Browse Stock & Order Online

Simply select your store of preference. You can browse their in-store inventory, discover products & browse the brands offered by them. You can also read customer reviews & send the store a question through the Instant Messaging Tool. You can view any deals offered by them, add items to your cart & pay online! We want to make it as easy as possible for you to browse & discover the best products from your favourite local stores. When the retailer receives your order, they will confirm the availability of the items in your order. If something is out-of-stock, you will receive a refund for this item, either in your platform wallet or to your original payment source. When the retailer accepts and confirms your order, you will then be sent a final invoice via email detailing the items being fulfilled by the retailer.

3) Unprecedented Convenience

 Tap Retail offers unprecedented convenience to its users. For orders made through Tap Retail, you have 2 options: Same Day Delivery or Pickup. We currently offer the following delivery slots: 10am-12pm, 12pm-2pm, 2pm-4pm & 4pm-6pm. These delivery slots are directly linked with our partner store’s opening & closing hours so some slots may not be available on certain days. Please check the store’s delivery slots at checkout to avoid disappointment! You also have the ability to collect your order from the store. These pickup slots are directly defined by the retailer themselves and may vary on a daily basis depending on how busy they are.

4) Cut-off Times for Ordering

 To ensure our partner stores and delivery riders have adequate time to gather your order and deliver it to you, we have implemented cut-off times of 1 hour for delivery and self-pickup slots. This means that you must place your order an hour before the commencement of the delivery/pickup slot to receive it in your desires slot. For example, for the 10am-12pm delivery slot, you must place your order by 9am. When this time passes, you will no longer be able to select this timeslot. Retailers can only accept a finite amount of orders for a 2 hour timeslot so if you cannot order prior to the cut-off time passing, the retailer is operating at full capacity for that timeslot. In this scenario, we would recommend selecting another timeslot for delivery or self-pickup.

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