Tap Retail gives local retailers the opportunity to offer same day delivery to their customers. Currently, Tap Retail offers the following delivery slots: 10am-12pm, 12pm-2pm, 2pm-4pm & 4pm-6pm. These slots are directly linked to the retailer’s opening & closing times. For example, if the retailer opens at 9:30am, you will not see the 10am-12pm delivery slot. Moreover, if a retailer closes at 5pm, you will not see the 4pm-6pm delivery slot.

 To ensure our partner stores and delivery riders have adequate time to gather your order and deliver it to you, we have implemented cut-off times of 1 hour for delivery and self-pickup slots. This means that you must place your order an hour before the commencement of the delivery/pickup slot to receive it in your desired slot. For example, for the 10am-12pm delivery slot, you must place your order by 9am. When this time passes, you will no longer be able to select this timeslot. Retailers can only accept a finite amount of orders for a 2 hour timeslot so if you cannot order prior to the cut-off time passing, the retailer is operating at full capacity for that timeslot. In this scenario, we would recommend selecting another timeslot for delivery or self-pickup.

For more information on our delivery timeslots, feel free to browse the below links. Thank you.

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