Cancellation Policy
You will be able to cancel your order before it is confirmed by the retailer. Once it is confirmed and the retailer has started packing your order, you will not be able to cancel your order. This is to be fair to the retailer & to our delivery riders who begin planning to deliver your items when the contents of the order are confirmed to be in stock by the retailer. The retailer must respond to your order within 30 minutes of it being placed (except where the store is closed. In this scenario, you can expect to receive confirmation about your order when the store re-opens the next day). 
If you would like to cancel your order, please follow these steps:
1) On the Tap Retail website, scroll to your User account at the top right hand side of the screen
2) Click my Orders
3) Click on the order you would like to cancel.
4) You must give a reason for why you would like to cancel your order. You can also add any additional comments to the cancel request. Finally, click cancel request.

Return Policy
We give our retailer partners to opportunity to enforce their own returns policies. Please refer to the individual store return policies on the Policies Tab of the Store Page.
If you would more information on our policies, click below:


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